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Lions Club of Ulladulla Milton

Making a difference in the community

The Ulladulla Milton Lions Club stands as a beacon of community service, dedicated to enriching the lives of locals through both hands-on assistance and vital fundraising efforts.

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Serve the Community

Through a range of services, the club touches lives directly – from orchestrating the well-loved Mollymook and FAB markets that bring the community together, to the preloved bookshop in Ulladulla, ensuring access to affordable reading materials for all. Beyond that, the Lions tirelessly raise funds which go to support local, national, and international charities and organisations.

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Make New Friends

Our club, consisting of approximately 70 dedicated members, offers a remarkable opportunity for individuals to forge new friendships while actively contributing to their community. Joining this vibrant club not only opens doors to meaningful volunteer work but also serves as a platform to connect with like-minded individuals who share a common passion for making a positive impact.

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New Experiences

Through active volunteering and unwavering support for the local community, members are presented with unique opportunities to explore uncharted territories, connect with diverse individuals, and make a tangible difference. Moreover, the club encourages participation in its operational activities, enabling members to learn the inner workings of the organisation and contribute to its smooth functioning.

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Develop Skills

The Ulladulla Milton Lions Club offers an invaluable avenue for personal growth and skill development, nurturing newfound confidence in its members. Beyond its mission of community service, the club serves as a platform for learning and honing new abilities. Emphasising leadership, the Lions organization provides opportunities to empower members with effective leadership skills.

Join Our Lions Club

We are dedicated to making a difference. Our approach involves empowering individuals to support causes close to their hearts, whether in their local community, nationally, or globally. If you share our passion, we welcome you to connect with us and discuss the possibility of joining our team of friendly volunteers.

Walk for Diabetes

Our Club Meetings

DINNER MEETINGS – Are held the first and third Wednesday of each month 5:45 pm for a 6:15 pm start at the Milton Ulladulla Bowling Club, 68 St Vincent Street, Ulladulla NSW.

Change Over Dinner 2023-2024

A lovely changeover was had last Saturday 24th June 2023.

Thank you to those that attended and hopefully you had a great time.

Congratulations to our immediate Past President Margaret who organised yet another great changeover event and thank you to the many who assisted and made it the warm and fuzzy, friendly event that it turned out to be.

Congratulations to the many award winners most notably the Melvin Jones Award recipients, Ian and Cathy Wykes for their tireless and selfless contributions over many years not only in our donut van but throughout the club and to Graham Sweet for his incredible work on the Jindelara Project over many years which has included the organising of funding in excess of two million dollars for the completion of the original building and the setting up of the current new additions and renovations, overseeing design, building works, etc. which will make it a world class facility.

Club Change Over Group Photo
Group of Ulladulla Milton Lions


All our club members are deserving of thanks for the many hours work they put in month after month to help our community and ensure that our club is one of the strongest in the district. THANK YOU ALL…

I would also like to thank our Lions teams of the past and present who have led and contributed to the club and the community over the past 60 years and who make this Lions Club the excellent organisation that it is today. My goal is to TRY and make our club even stronger over the next year by mobilising our friendship and fellowship, teamwork and shared desires to serve this fantastic community that we are all privileged to be a part of.

Geoffrey Farrow
Incoming Club President

Making a Difference in Our Community

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