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The Lions Ulladulla District Community Foundation - Jindelara Project

Jindelara Cottage

The Lions Ulladulla District Community Foundation was established in 2013 as an initiative of the Ulladulla Milton Lions Club. It operates as a voluntary organization managed by a committee, who’s president is a Lion, comprising members from local service clubs such as Apex, Lions, and Rotary.

The foundation’s main objective is to address the critical and pressing need for local respite care, for people with severe disabilities and their families/carers in Ulladulla and surrounding areas.

The foundation is recognized for its significant initiative, the “Jindelara Project.” This project brought about the creation of Jindelara Cottage, a modern disability respite facility situated on the Princes Highway in Ulladulla. The facility, operational since its opening in 2018, plays a crucial role in providing essential disability support within our community.

Currently, Phase 2 of the “Jindelara Project” is in progress. This phase encompasses renovations to the original facility and the construction of additional buildings adjoining the existing Jindelara Cottage to meet the rapidly expanding needs of the disabled individuals within our community.

Our Lions Club has remained and continues to be a major supporter of the foundation, both in terms of financial contributions and active involvement in its operations.